FPS Hypnosis - COD Edition - Professional Gamer app for iPhone and iPad

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Developer: DeWitt Bro Co LLC
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Current version: 1.5, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 08 Nov 2015
App size: 34.57 Mb

Be hypnotized into becoming a professional COD Player.

A lot of people say that you dont have full access to 100% of your brain. Im not here to tell you if that is true or not. If it is though wouldnt you want to attempt to access it all or at least as much as you can. Well with hypnosis reprogramming you can attempt to access and train a part of your brain that does a lot for you, without you thinking or knowing about it, by positive affirmations, your unconscious mind. Within this app is an audio file that will train your unconscious to be a professional COD player.

Have you ever wanted to become a professional COD player? Well, now you can. With the release of the upcoming game, listen to this audio file to gain access into your sub-conscious mind. Train your self to become an excellent gamer. Not only will this benefit you in this game but also in many other FPS games that are available or about to be released. By listening to this over and over again you will gain so much confidence the your sub-conscious mind will start to perform in any situation. It has been tested many times the this type of programming can enhance what ever area of life you are trying to improve. So download and enjoy as your skills begin to change to a pro level. You will be fraggin like a pro in no time, and we will see you on the circuit shortly.

If you have never heard of hypnosis reprogramming. You should look into it and then come back to this app.

This wont work immediately. You must listen time and time again to actually see results. Listen to it and take a nap, or listen to it when going to sleep I find is the best way to do it.